Confessions of a Not-so-Good Catholic Girl

Confessions of a Not-So-Good Catholic Girl is a collection of true tales about growing up a baby boomer in the Midwest.

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These coming-of-age stories, wide ranging in subject matter, are slices of life, experiences most of us share: internal conflicts, personal relationships, life-altering moments—whether you grew up Catholic or not.

Weave in historic events and pop culture trends and you have a book of nostalgic adventures that will evoke your own life memories—with laughter, warmth, and fond reflection.

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What others are saying about Confessions of a Not-So-Good Catholic Girl:

Deanna has "produced a series of crisp, witty, honest essays . . . an accomplished essayist." - Cool Cleveland

"Her delivery is candid, forthright, and amusing. Adams perspective is no-nonsense; she shoots straight from the hip with a voice that conveys a direct and open-minded attitude." - National Association of Baby Boomer Women.

"Reading Deanna Adams' Confession of a Not-So-Good Catholic Girl is more fun than smoking rope with the Pope" - Michael Heaton, Minister of Culture, Cleveland Plain Dealer

"An interesting, entertaining book" - Jim McIntyre, WDOK's Morning "Infoman"

"Adams can be funny. She can be poignant."-

"It's a woman's story. It's a bike-ridin', Rolling Stones-lovin', motherhood story. And it might be your story too." - The News-Herald.